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MSOE Radio: WMSE Plays Nazi Horna, Much of Tour Cancelled

Horna band album cover depicting satanic slaughter of shepherd and scattering sheep

WMSE, the radio station of the Milwaukee School of Engineering, regularly plays Satanic and Nazi music, including music from the band Horna. Numerous shows on Horna's current US tour have been cancelled as the result of protests related to the band's extensive Nazi history. Among them are shows in Portland, Oakland and Brooklyn.

According to Los Angeles Magazine, the Finnish band has released a song that references the “death and destruction of the Jewish people”. One member's record company produces records employing swastika artwork.  Another plays in band that recorded "Aryan Supremacy".

WMSE Broadcast


Played on Program INTO BATTLE!!

Song: Uskon Pauhu

Artist: Horna

Disk: Kuolleiden Kuu - EP

Record Label: World Terror Committee Productions (W.T.C Productions)

Date Played: 2018-08-22

Time Played: 22:04:00

DJ: Jason


Radio Station: WMSE 91.7 FM

Radio Station City: Milwaukee

Radio Station Owned By: Milwaukee School of Engineering

Audio Archive

Song at 1:10:30

Song Announced at 1:38:20

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Horna band album cover depicting church burning

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